24 Sep 2020

Hospitality sector wants more support as subsidy ends

From Morning Report, 6:09 am on 24 September 2020

The hospitality sector is making renewed calls for a sector-specific support package, saying they're one of the only industries yet to receive one.

Fears are mounting over the future of food and accommodation services, with the wage subsidy now coming to an end.

With businesses no longer able to apply for the subsidy, the number of jobs being propped up by it is dropping fast - over just one week, it decreased by 150,000.

For a sector which has been one of the most dependent upon the subsidy to remain viable, and keep people employed, it's bringing increasing worries.

The general manager for the Restaurant Association, Nicola Waldren, told RNZ reporter, Harry Lock, it's becoming precarious for much of the sector.