9 Sep 2020

Judith Collins on pre-election policy costings

From Morning Report, 7:27 am on 9 September 2020

Promises, promises, the National Party and the Labour Party are slugging it out over who is promising what, how much it will all cost, and how it will be paid for.

Labour's finance spokesperson Grant Robertson says National needs to provide detailed costings of its newly announced policies.

National Party leader Judith Collins has responded there'll be a fully costed plan after the government books are opened for the Pre-Election Fiscal Update (PREFU).

"We will do what any responsible party does, and that is we will release a fully costed fiscal plan, which will show exactly where the money is being spent," she told Morning Report.

Collins said there was a chance some things may need to be adjusted closer to the election.

"I think that there will be the odd things that do change a bit because we will have to adjust, given the fact that we don't have the access to the PREFU yet."