18 Aug 2020

New Watercare CEO salary will be much lower - Councillor

From Morning Report, 7:39 am on 18 August 2020

An Auckland councillor says a lot of work needs to be done to restore ratepayers confidence in its water company following the surprise resignation of Watercare's chief executive.

Raveen Jaduram, who is paid $775,000 a year, will step down on 31 October after six years in the job as the city battles a major water crisis.

Jaduram won't be interviewed and neither will the Watercare board chair Margaret Devlin or the Mayor Phil Goff.

In a statement Phil Goff says he's had regular discussions with the chair of Watercare's board on ways to improve the organisation's performance and he expects the new CEO will start on a considerably lower salary.

Independent Auckland councillor Chris Darby told Morning Report the new CEO's salary will not be "within cooee" of Jaduram's.

"We won't be wearing that sort of salary in the future," he said.