16 Jul 2020

Horticulture industry warns it may have to cut back on harvest

From Morning Report, 8:50 am on 16 July 2020

The horticulture industry warns it may have to cut back on the harvest, if the government doesn't move quickly to head-off a critical labour shortage in the spring.

The hospitality, pork, shearing, dairy and agricultural services industries were also concerned about labour shortages, with many thousands of working holiday visas expected to expire on or before September 25th.

More of concern is the supply of skilled temporary workers who were unable to re-enter the country.

Minister, Iain Lees Galloway has given us this statement: "The international pandemic very serious, and getting worse around the world not better, which is why our border remains closed.

"Protecting people in New Zealand is critical, and has meant many sacrifices, but our plan to combat the virus is working - the results speak for themselves.

"It is a difficult time for everyone, especially temporary migrants and businesses."