14 Jul 2020

Muller resignation: NZ First releases statement

From Morning Report, 8:58 am on 14 July 2020

New Zealand First Leader Winston Peters has also acknowledged today the heavy price of trying to lead the National Party today.

"One's sympathy goes out to Todd Muller and his family.

Todd is a good man, unlike most of his colleagues he does have commercial experience, and he will bounce back. "Leading a divided and incompetent caucus would have tested even the best leader.

"The National caucus now has the unenviable job of selecting its fourth leader since the Coalition Government took office.

"The National caucus, like too many parties in parliament, lacks business experience, life experience and political experience.

"Heaven only knows who will be the next cab off the ranks selected to lead such a dispirited and incompetent lot.

"Todd never had a chance given the fault lines of ambition, personality, and ideology that run deep through the National Party caucus.

"National has demonstrated to voters as clearly as it is able that it cannot govern itself.

"During a time of crisis, when stability and real experience is what the country needs from its politicians and their parties, National's instability and hubris takes it out of the running for the coming General Election.

"Voters will now focus on which parties have demonstrated stability and exhibited the experience required to help guide New Zealand through its present challenges."