22 Jun 2020

Survey reveals Kiwis want to strengthen ties with Asia

From Morning Report, 8:25 am on 22 June 2020

New Zealanders are increasingly feeling its important to strengthen ties with Asia, especially in the wake of Covid-19. It comes at a time when more New Zealanders than ever before say they know a fair amount about Asia.

Asia New Zealand Foundation's annual report into how we percieve Asia found that 79 percent of respondents think it's important to develop political, economic and social ties with the region.

That figure is up from 67 percent before the pandemic.

The most significant associations New Zealanders had with the word 'Asia' was China, as well as food and travel, as well as concerns over Asia's response to the climate crisis.

The foundation's executive director Simon Draper spoke to our reporter Eva Corlett about the survey's findings.