18 Jun 2020

Dr Ashley Bloomfield on managed isolation troubles

From Morning Report, 7:09 am on 18 June 2020

The Ministry of Health has had to backtrack on its assurances the two sisters who have Covid-19 didn't have any contact with anyone on their trip from Auckland to Wellington.

It's now emerged the two women did, as National MP Michael Woodhouse said, have contact with two friends as they were leaving Auckland. The Ministry of Health admitted last night the two women called the friends who had lent them a car after they got lost on the Auckland motorway system.

The friends came and guided them to the right motorway, and were in physical contact for about five minutes.

Adding to that contact an Auckland gym has revealed one of the friends who lent the car had a one on one training session before taking part in a group classes yesterday.

The Facebook post from the owner of "Lioness Gym" said the gym still has two-metre distancing marks in its studio, but the owner says her sessions were "hands on".

The Ministry of Health is now tracing 320 close contacts of the two women.

Dr Ashley Bloomfield is Director-General of Health.