15 Jun 2020

London protesters clash over statues

From Morning Report, 6:34 am on 15 June 2020

Far-right protesters and anti-racism demonstrators clashed repeatedly in London over the weekend with police trying to keep the two sides apart.

Hundreds of people wearing football shirts, chanting "Eng-ger-land, Eng-ger-land", and describing themselves as patriots, gathered alongside military veterans to guard statues in the city's centre.

The debate over monuments to those involved in Britain's imperialist past is raging in the UK, especially after the statue of slave trader Edward Colston was torn down and thrown into Bristol harbour last weekend.

London's Metropolitan Police said 100 people were arrested for offences including "violent disorder," assault on the police, possession of a weapon and drunkenness.

London correspondent Vincent McAvinney speaks to Susie Ferguson.