10 Jun 2020

Coronavirus: How Sweden's lighter lockdown is going

From Morning Report, 6:42 am on 10 June 2020

Sweden, unlike pretty much all others, has avoided a lockdown during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Businesses for the most part have remained open - people still going for haircuts, or a post-work pint - and children under 16-years-old have still been attending school.

But the Scandinavian country has one of the world's highest virus mortality rates, significantly higher than their neighbours which did impose a strict lockdown.

As of Tuesday, just under 5000 people have died from the virus, with the number of infections topping 45,000.

Following on from a top scientist's acceptance that some of his decisions and advice to the Government may have been misguided, the Prime Minister Stefan Lofven, has come under heavy criticism from political opponents.

Linus Brohult, a reporter for SVT - the public broadcaster in Sweden, speaks to Kim Hill.