15 May 2020

Coronavirus: Will Budget help restart Māori economy?

From Morning Report, 7:56 am on 15 May 2020

The Māori economy was worth more than $50 billion before Covid-19. 

But many Māori businesses have been hit hard by the pandemic - with more than $17,000 Māori estimated to have lost their jobs in the tourism sector alone. 

However the government has allocated nearly $1 billion to help Māori "restart and repair" their communities. 

Will it work? 

Traci Houpapa, chair of the the Federation of Maori Authorities, Matanuku Mahuika, the chair of Ngati Porou Holding group and Eastland Group limited and Chris Karamea Insley, the chair of Te Taumata and the chief executive of Te Arawa Fisheries speak to Kim Hill.