7 Apr 2020

Coronavirus: Kiwi in New York a month into lockdown

From Morning Report, 8:50 am on 7 April 2020

The suburb of New Rochelle in New York has been one of the success stories of containment of Covid-19 in the hard hit city.

The US has recorded 10,000 deaths, more than 3000 of those in New York.

New Rochelle was one of the first areas hit more than a month ago when it was discovered to have had a cluster of people with the coronavirus.

Local officials acted quickly to set up a containment zone and it has been a success with the rate of increase of cases of the virus significantly lower than the rest of New York and the US.

New Zealander Martyn Clarkson lives near New Rochelle with his wife and two children.

He normally works in Manhattan but for the last month has been working from home.

He speaks to Corin Dann.