13 Feb 2020

Viral TikTok challenge leaving kids with skull fractures

From Morning Report, 8:55 am on 13 February 2020

There are warnings about a viral social media challenge on the popular video sharing platform Tik Tok which can cause injuries.

One of TikTok's newest challenges involves three participants who stand in a line and jump.

But when the middle person's feet leave the ground, the people on each side kick the middle person's feet out from under them, causing them to fall backward and possibly smack their head on the ground.

The prank known as the jump or skull breaker challenge has left some children across South America and the US with skull fractures and other injuries.

Internet Safety group Netsafe's Director, Martin Cocker spoke to RNZ reporter Eleisha Foon about his concerns about Tik Tok and its latest dare.