31 Jan 2020

ASA complaint against National Party social media ad dismissed

From Morning Report, 8:21 am on 31 January 2020

Simon Bridges has promised a truthful advertising campaign by National in this year's election campaign but it appears the definition of truth might depend on the eye of the beholder.

The Advertising Standards Authority has dismissed a complaint that a National social media ad is misleading, even though it uses a bar graph that's not accurate.

The ad compared petrol prices under National to prices under Labour, and the graph is not to scale, making the rise under Labour appear bigger than it actually was.

But because the figures in the ad were accurate, the authority decided in a majority decision that while the ad was "mischievous", it did not mislead.

Complainant Dylan Reeve is not happy.

A spokesperson for National says the party was always confident its Facebook posts were not misleading.

Chief executive of the Advertising Standards Authority, Hilary Souter, speaks to Corin Dann.