29 Jan 2020

Richard Fuchs' cantata to play in his hometown for the first time

From Morning Report, 8:54 am on 29 January 2020

German-Jewish refugee Richard Fuchs, came to New Zealand in 1939 fleeing from Nazi persecution. Fuchs wrote symphonies, chamber works, as well as many songs.

But because he was Jewish, his music was suppressed by the Nazis.

After Kristallnacht he was imprisoned in Dachau Concentration Camp but was released after acquiring a visa to New Zealand.

Tonight, 83 years after it was composed, his cantata Vom Judischen Schicksal will be finally be performed in his hometown of Karlsruhe for the first time.

His grandson Danny Mulheron is in Germany to hear the first performance of his grandfather's work in Europe.

He speaks to Corin Dann.