24 Dec 2019

Rotorua lake kaitiaki say it's being 'desecrated' by mountain bike trail

From Morning Report, 6:47 am on 24 December 2019

The kaitiaki of a sacred Rotorua lake say it's being desecrated by a mountain bike trail they had no say in approving.

Lake Rotokakahi is part of a network of lakes in the area - and the public aren't allowed to swim in it.

However, the bike trail is increasing traffic around the lake - and some people are not respecting the rules.

The Lake is run by the Rotokakahi Board of Control - which has been in charge of the lake since the government allowed iwi to privatise it in 1949.

Board chair Walton Hohepa Lee told RNZ reporter John Boynton there are only pockets of land left.

In a statement the Rotorua Lakes Council says it's been working with the Rotokakahi Board of Control to establish a relationship enabling Council to support them with their aspirations for their whenua and lake.

The council will continue to work with them to alleviate issues where possible.