28 Nov 2019

Australian criminologist says Strike Force Raptor didn't reduce gang numbers

From Morning Report, 8:10 am on 28 November 2019

An Australian criminologist says there's been no reduction in gang members in New South Wales since the Police introduced its Strike Force Raptor unit.

National Party leader Simon Bridges told Morning Report on Wednesday the task force is "devastatingly effective", and his party has proposed that a similar squad be set up in New Zealand.

The proposals include a ban on patches in public, parole conditions preventing offenders from returning to their gangs, and tougher sentences.

All states in Australia except ACT have anti-consorting laws whereby a person who hasn't been convicted can be charged if they associate with two or more gang members.

Mr Bridges said these laws are worth considering but he was not commited to them.

Corin Dann spoke to Terry Goldsworthy, an associate professor of criminology at Australia's Bond University, and began by asking if gang numbers had reduced in Australia since tougher laws were brought in.