11 Nov 2019

Vernon Tava discusses Sustainable NZ Party plans

From Morning Report, 7:36 am on 11 November 2019

New political party Sustainable New Zealand thinks they have what it takes to be the next minor party in Parliament.

Sustainable New Zealand leader Vernon Tava is promising he will work with all political parties if his party is elected in 2020.

Mr Tava quit the Green party after standing unsuccessfully in the leadership contest which elected current co-leader James Shaw.

He told to Kim Hill he left the Green Party due to a disagreement over its values.

"it was very clear to me that the party wasn't representing, where I thought, an environmentally centred party in New Zealand meant to be.

"It wasn't just a fit of pique, I mean my whole argument was that this needs to be a sustainability focussed party, not a left-wing party and that was the question I went out and asked the membership."

Mr Tava said he believes the Green Party is too fixated on the idea of "romantic anti-capitalism", which he isn't fond of.

"I think this is actually completely incorrect. It's a misdiagnosis of our problem. Our real problem is we've never learned to live sustainably, but in fact economic growth and the creativity that's unleashed by market solutions and innovation that's fostered that way is our way out of the crisis we're in."