6 Nov 2019

Shane Jones unrepentant for comments about migrants

From Morning Report, 7:40 am on 6 November 2019

A "Bollywood Overreaction". That's how Shane Jones has described the Indian community's backlash to his comments last week where he said migrants could go home if they didn't like the Government's new visa policy.

The policy cracked-down on the partnership visa category - meaning couples must have previously lived together to bring their spouses to New Zealand.

But the Indian custom of arranged marriages doesn't fit that mould. Mr Jones tells to Corin Dann he's not going to back down or apologise for his language.

"There were some activists from the Indian migrant community who insulted my leader and who attacked our party because of our government policy.

"Hello hello this is New Zealand politics and you don't get a free hit on the party I belong to."

Mr Jones said he is happy to meet with the Indian community or any migrant group who wants to debate immigration policy, except for the "activists" he believes kicked off the current furore.

"The activists said that they feel that they're not wanted in New Zealand so they may as well leave, well if anyone is going to make that threat I just said to them don't hang around."