5 Nov 2019

Christopher Luxon wins Botany spot

From Morning Report, 7:13 am on 5 November 2019

Christopher Luxon has been selected as the National Party's candidate for the Botany electorate.

Mr Luxon put forward his name forward less than a month ago, after six years as chief executive of Air New Zealand.

The Botany seat has been won by National with a large majority each election since it was established in 2008.

Mr Luxon says he would vote no on all major conscience votes currently on the table, abortion law, euthanasia and decriminalisation of cannabis.

He's also in favour of cutting benefits for parents who refuse to vaccinate their children and indicated he would extend this to include working for families payments.

"Go through all the tactical issues around public policy, social policy I want to be guided by principle and principle is very much is about rights and responsibilities."