12 Sep 2019

Day 4 of Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori

From Morning Report, 8:57 am on 12 September 2019

Kia kaha - is a common one we know - but the more known phrase is Kia kaha - kia maia - kia manawanui Be strong - be brave - be steadfast, Now a reminder these translations are very rough - the beauty of our reo is that it is very holistic and one kupu or word has many layers and meanings - and we could be here all day unpacking them! But instead we are on radio time and we got to get through some more ha! Aroha mai - Aroha atu In a quick translation is love coming towards you and love going out - i interpret this as if you exude love then it will come back to you and vice versa. If you are feeling a bit under the weather, a nice one is Kia piki te ora! Get better or may your health ascend! Karawhiua - is one we have been hearing a lot this week but is about give it heaps