27 May 2019

Fans flock to buy $2.50 avocados in Taranaki

From Morning Report, 7:55 am on 27 May 2019

Big city folk struggling to find avocado in the shops, or those who have been left reeling at the prices being charged for them - up to $11 each - might want to consider a trip to New Plymouth.

An orchard near the airport has an unusual off-season crop for sale - and all its asking is $2.50 apiece.

RNZ Taranaki-Whanganui reporter Robin Martin went along to investigate.

The honesty box at the entrance to Donald and Robyn Johnson's Airport Drive orchard has been doing a roaring trade since the couple announced on Facebook they had an off-season crop of Carmen Hass avocados going on sale.

Mr Johnson said a wet winter in 2017 followed by a prolonged period of good weather had sent his 800 plants into overdrive.

"We set good fruit and the bees loved it and the trees went crazy. I think it's called flora loco. The trees go crazy; don't know what season is which and went into full flower in February and set fruit in March and this is the fruit we are doing now. It's been on the trees 14 odd months."