21 May 2019

Footage sought to prove allegations against Crusaders

From Morning Report, 8:12 am on 21 May 2019

In other claims against the Crusaders, the South African men who have accused some Crusaders rugby players of threatening and homophobic behaviour have gone to the police in an attempt to get footage of the incident.

Alex Paterimos and his friend Jeremy say they were laughed at, threatened and mocked by a group of men using homophobic slurs, high voices and limp-wrist gestures while at a McDonald's restaurant in Capetown.

They say they subsequently discovered these men were members of the Crusaders rugby team and a South African security manager.

Crusaders management will meet players today to discuss the allegations - which they are denying.

In a statement, Crusaders chief executive Colin Mansbridge said the three players, team management and the South African-based security advisor with them, strongly reject the account of what happened.

But Mr Paterimos says they are trying to get the McDonald's CCTV footage to prove their version of events is the truth.