14 May 2019

Milo: The return of the bean

From Morning Report, 8:55 am on 14 May 2019

The old Milo is back!

As the slogan goes: "It's marvellous what a difference Milo makes", but in 2015 when Nestle removed the drink's vanilla flavouring and switched to sustainably-sourced cocoa and palm oil, consumers noticed the difference, and voted with their taste buds and their wallets.

Nestle business manager Anna Stewart says they had on-going feedback that Kiwis missed the old model which will return to shelves across New Zealand on May 20.

Taryn Ibell started the Facebook page: "Change Milo back to the old recipe". The page garnered 9,000 supporters. She tells Susie Ferguson about the change.

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Photo: Photo / 123RF