29 Jan 2019

KiwiBuild boss 'put through awful' few months

From Morning Report, 7:10 am on 29 January 2019
Stephen Barclay, head of the KiwiBuild unit

Stephen Barclay, head of the KiwiBuild unit Photo: RNZ / Patrick O'Meara

The ousted boss of KiwiBuild says he has been put through an awful few months by the head of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development Andrew Crisp. Stephen Barclay faces allegations about his management style but says he was given no chance to properly challenge them. He won't detail the exact nature of the allegations but rules out bullying or any financial or sexual misconduct. Mr Barclay is also mystified that KiwiBuild is now missing its targets - saying they were on track when he was at the helm. He talks to Guyon Espiner.