24 Jan 2019

Red-tape killing housing construction - developer

From Morning Report, 8:16 am on 24 January 2019

The Prime Minister is backing her Housing Minister, Phil Twyford, despite his admission that the KiwiBuild programme will fall well short of its first-year target of 1000 homes.

Six months into KiwiBuild only 33 houses have been built. Mr Twyford told Morning Report that the slow-progress was because developers weren't keen on Kiwibuild contracts.

But a property developer from Williams Corporation in Auckland, Matthew Horncastle, says there's little incentive to work with the government.

He tells Guyon Espiner red-tape and changing rules are driving a construction company out of business every day.

"I think builders are just gun-shy. I know some really good guys in the market who could easily get the government to achieve that goal, but you have to make it easy because the market is still strong.

"I have an average sell downtime of a project of one to two months. So there's not that great a reason to go to the government. Once your project is sold you can still get finance," he says.