20 Dec 2018

Review of bus network points to regional council failings

From Morning Report, 8:28 am on 20 December 2018

A review by an Australian consulting firm says Wellington's regional council failed at multiple levels when introducing a new bus network in July. The revamped network has angered many commuters, who've complained of routes being cut, buses being late and the need to change buses on what used to be non-stop trips. Councillors were warned by staff that the plan to roll everything out at once - new fleets, new operators, a new network, and a new ticketing system - was high risk, but they went ahead anyway. The Wellington Regional Council chair Chris Laidlaw has acknowledged the council fell short in some areas but didn't want to talk to us this morning. Paul Eagle, Labour MP for Rongotai, has been a vocal critic of the bus system, launched in July.