5 Dec 2018

Maggie Barry bullying claims: Ex-staffer speaks out

From Morning Report, 7:09 am on 5 December 2018

The former staff member who has accused Maggie Barry of bullying has described the MP as a Jekyll and Hyde character who would lose her temper, swear at employees and insult them behind their backs. The National MP has rejected any allegations she's mistreated staff and another former staffer is backing her - she was also cleared by a Parliamentary Services investigation. However the informant we spoke to details an office where people were on edge and frightened. His voice has been disguised. Maggie Barry declined to speak to Morning Report, however in a statement she says - These claims are vigorously denied, they've been independently investigated and there was no finding that bullying or harassment occurred. She says she never gave staff permission to record her and it is simply false to say otherwise. Another former staffer has come to the MP's defence saying she wasn't bullied. She says Ms Barry has high standards and will tell people if a job needs re-doing. In her statement to RNZ the woman criticises her former colleague saying she feels absolutely betrayed and violated that private and sensitive conversations were recorded without her knowledge or permission. And she says she doesn't remember the MP ever asking for conversations to be recorded.