20 Nov 2018

Police uniform ban at Pride Parade 'retrograde' - Beyer

From Morning Report, 7:56 am on 20 November 2018

Former MP and transgender activist Georgina Beyer wants police to be able to march in uniform for Auckland Pride Festival.

Earlier this month the board of Auckland Pride said it would allow police to join the 2019 parade - but not in uniform. The Auckland Pride Festival states that for some people having Police in uniform was intimidating and made them feel unsafe.

The decision has divided communities and led to an angry spat at a meeting on Sunday. Auckland Pride chair Cissy Rock told us the board won't back down.

"We're not backtracking on our need to find a way forward and we just think there are so many ways that the police could participate in the parade and that's what we really want," she said.

Georgina Beyer joins Philippa Tolley with her response.