31 Oct 2018

Collins allowing mistruth to remain over KiwiBuild - Connell

From Morning Report, 7:45 am on 31 October 2018

National MP Judith Collins vehemently denies targeting a young couple online, saying she's just raising questions about KiwiBuild's eligibility criteria. Housing Minister Phil Twyford has accused her of picking on the couple who bought a KiwiBuild house, and who spoke at a publicity event at the weekend.

After Ms Collins misconstrued one of the couple's Instagram posts, and asked whether the couple were perhaps too wealthy to qualify for an affordable home, the couple took their social media profiles offline.

Ms Collins rejects Mr Twyford's criticism, saying it was the Minister who put the couple as poster children for KiwiBuild. Ms Collins has declined appearing on Morning Report. We talk to Anna Connell, a digital and social media consultant.