15 Oct 2018

Low-income earners in Whangarei struggle with petrol prices

From Morning Report, 8:41 am on 15 October 2018

The cost of petrol is forcing a number of rural beneficiaries in Northland to move into town. Community workers in Whangarei say it's become too expensive for low-income people to drive in from the country for supplies and appointments. But because rents are so high many are ending up in camp grounds or are homeless. One man who spoke to RNZ said he and his partner didn't want to leave their rural home. But they've moved to a cabin in a caravan park. The Whangarei couple are paying 200 dollars a week for their cabin, including electricity. Dr Carol Peters is a community support worker and the organiser of a new homeless day-centre in Whangarei. She talks to Gyles Beckford.