30 Aug 2018

Australia considers banning Chelsea Manning from entry

From Morning Report, 7:30 am on 30 August 2018

The Australian government says it's preparing to ban the former US army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning from entering the country for her speaking tour. The whistleblower is also attempting to visit New Zealand as part of the tour, but due to her criminal conviction will require a 'special direction' from Immigration New Zealand if she is to be allowed entry. We're told that depending on the decision, there may be cause to have the Associate Minister of Immigration involved, so we'll be following this up with Kris Faafoi. Last year Cananda denied her entry as she tried to drive over the border from New York State into Quebec, which gave rise to a media storm. As Catharine Tunney from Canada's CBC News explains, Chelsea Manning was later granted a visa for a single speaking event. Morning Report has approached National's immigration spokesperson Michael Woodhouse, who said earlier in the week that Chelsea Manning shouldn't be allowed in to New Zealand. He says it's not a question of free speech but as a convicted criminal she can't travel wherever she wants. Morning Report has approached Mr Woodhouse for further comment but he has declined to say any more on the matter. Morning Report also approached Simon Bridges to see if this was official National Party policy but we have not had a response.