10 Aug 2018

Brash cheered, booed at free speech debate

From Morning Report, 6:40 am on 10 August 2018

The former Reserve Bank Governor Don Brash was met with cheers and sustained booing during a University of Auckland debate last night. Mr Brash was due to speak at Massey's Manakau campus earlier this week but was uninvited by the Vice Chancellor who cited safety concerns. A University of Auckland debate - on so-called political correctness - did go ahead. The former National Party leader spoke in favour of the motion - Has PC culture gone too far to the point of limiting free speech? - at a packed lecture theatre. Organisers had had to change venues, because so many people wanted to go. When Mr Brash was introduced, he was greeted with several minutes of cheering, booing and heckling before he was able to speak.