4 Jul 2018

Thailand cave rescue: Attempt may be made immediately

From Morning Report, 7:10 am on 4 July 2018

An attempt could be made as early as today to bring 12 young footballers and their coach out of the cave in Northern Thailand where they've been trapped for 10 days. The deputy governor of Chiang Rai is optimistic. He says: "If they are ready, we will safely take them out immediately. We will take the one who is strong first. For those who are still weak, we will take care of them until they get better and take them out." But there are mixed messages with Thailand's naval special warfare command chief saying: "The children are fine. We don't need to hurry. we will install the telephone line by tonight and the family can talk with them. We will take care of them until they get better, then they can come out." Our correspondent in Thailand, Richard Ehrlich, joins us with the latest details.