14 Jun 2018

Algae find in Lake Taupo could be 'disastrous'

From Morning Report, 6:19 am on 14 June 2018

A freshwater scientist is warning that the discovery of an algae in Lake Taupo which can create so-called lake snow could be disastrous for the ecosystem and commercial fisheries. Lake snow produces mucus-like slime which hangs and drifts in water and sticks to fishing gear, boat hulls and swimmers. It isn't a risk to humans or animals but it can get into residential water supples and cause blockages. It's already present in the Southern Lakes and testing by the Waikato Regional Council indicates it is present in Lake Taupo and Lake Rotoaira. Researcher and expert on the algae, Marc Schallenberg, told RNZ reporter Kate Gudsell it affects a lot of the people who use the Southern Lakes.