6 Jun 2018

Housing NZ boss 'regrets' meth-testing approach

From Morning Report, 7:11 am on 6 June 2018

Housing New Zealand's chief executive has apologised for the state agency using flawed methamphetamine contamination measures to evict tenants and suggested it may pay compensation.

The country's top scientists last month found no real health risk to humans from living in a house where meth had previously only been smoked

In his first interview on the scandal, the chief executive, Andrew McKenzie, told Morning Report that 300 people were evicted because of meth contamination in their homes.

He said Housing New Zealand is reporting back to the minister on what can be done to pay back what it charged them.

Andrew McKenzie says the agency has found no record of being told by the the Ministry of Health that it was misusing the guidelines.

He says they were the only standards available and it took a safety-first approach to the drug.