30 May 2018

NZ's foreign bureaucrats 'need to see China as a challenge'

From Morning Report, 8:25 am on 30 May 2018

The Government MP, Andrew Hastie, revealed the man as property developer Dr Chau Chak Wing, who has donated millions to the major political parties and universities. He's been named as a co-conspirator by the FBI in the case of a $200,000 bribe to the president of the UN General Assembly John Ashe, who was later found dead. Dr Chau Chak Wing is suing the ABC and Fairfax for defamation over their reports. He was referred to as "CC3" in a classified government report that was leaked to media outlets. The report acknowledged China had a ten-year plan to influence politicians in Australia. Australia's domestic spy agency has told a parliamentary committee that the risks from foreign agents has never been greater. Andrew Hastie said he did his own homework to unmask the man known as CC3. The leaked report argues China sees Australia as a weak link in the Five Eyes alliance, that also includes New Zealand. On Monday we spoke to former CIA analyst Peter Mattis who said the grouping should also look at New Zealand's position, following accusations of Chinese influence here. The comments come as the Foreign Affairs minister, Winston Peters, returned from a three day visit to China. He's the first coalition government minister to visit China. Amy Searight is the Senior adviser and Director for the Southeast Asia program at the Washington based think tank Center for Strategic and International Studies. She visited New Zealand last month and told me a little earlier that the revelations in Australia match the behaviour of Chinese figures in other countries.