30 Apr 2018

Auckland fuel tax: 'We're basically blackmailed' - Cooper

From Morning Report, 7:24 am on 30 April 2018

Auckland Council decides on Monday if it will press ahead with a regional fuel tax to help free up the city's gridlocked roads but critics are denouncing the move as too rushed and short on detail.

Legislation to allow the tax is making its way through Parliament and if all goes to plan, by July Aucklanders will be paying an extra 11.5c/l for their petrol.

But first the council needs to get sign off on how the money will be spent over the next ten years.

Waitakere Councillor Linda Cooper is furious about the lack of detail over where exactly the money is going.

There seems to be something for everyone except West Aucklanders, she says. "This is just a comment and a line on a map - it doesn't give me a lot of comfort.

"We've waited a long time for this, and it certainly doesn't deliver for the NorthWest."

Auckland correspondent Todd Niall will be the council meeting. He joined Guyon Espiner with his analysis. Listen here.