30 Apr 2018

Meth in NZ: Rehab funding system failing

From Morning Report, 7:10 am on 30 April 2018

RNZ has launched Broken Bad: An in-depth investigation into the country's meth problem. In just a couple of decades the drug has become endemic - a recent survey of users found meth was easier to get hold of than cannabis. Two out of three drug offenders in prison are there because of meth, also know as P. And there has been a huge increases in the number of people seeking help for addiction. RNZ's reporters and visual journalists have been spending time with those affected by this chemical stimulant that releases feel good chemicals in users' brains. The first issue covered is the failing funding model for rehabilitation services. Providers say the stress and competition created by the current system is detracting from rehabilitating addicts. And that is costing everyone. RNZ's Timothy Brown filed this report.