16 Mar 2018

Police dismiss critical IPCA report after euthanasia meeting

From Morning Report, 6:19 am on 16 March 2018

The police have dismissed a senior criminal lawyer's claim that a police watchdog's critical report reflects a lack of training and leadership in the organisation. The Independent Police Conduct Authority has found a bogus checkpoint conducted in Lower Hutt in 2016 targetting a group of euthanasia supporters was unlawful and unjustified. It said officers should have recognised they had no power to stop vehicles in those circumstances and what they were doing was an illegitimate use of police power, unlawfully restricting citizens' freedom of movement. Criminal barrister, Doctor Donald Stevens QC says it is even more troubling their superiors gave permission for it to go ahead. Ann Marie May spoke with the Assistant Police Commissioner, Bill Searle, who dismissed Doctor Stevens' concerns.