15 Mar 2018

'I just felt used' - NZ woman conned into false marriage

From Morning Report, 8:19 am on 15 March 2018

More now on the woman who was conned into a marriage of convenience to an Indian immigrant and was then offered $8,000 to keep up the charade. Aroha Raharuhi was nearly 40 and Pankaj Badyal was in his early 20's - but her family convinced her he was right for her and they married. But Immigration New Zealand rejected Mr Badyal's visa applications because it wasn't convinced they were in a genuine relationship. He returned to India as they tried to argue his case. But Ms Raharuhi later realised she had been deceived and his parents were arranging a marriage for him there. She says during a video call to him she saw a woman in the room who was not a relative and challenged him. She later realised his family had found him an Indian bride and she called Immigration New Zealand to cancel her sponsorship of his visa applications.