8 Mar 2018

Southern Response accused of trying to stifle critics

From Morning Report, 6:17 am on 8 March 2018

The man Southern Response has allegedly been spying on says the agency is trying to stifle its critics. The government agency is in charge of settling the outstanding quake claims of former AMI customers in Christchurch, but is now under investigation by the public sector watchdog, the State Services Commission. It is looking at whether standards of integrity and conduct for state servants have been breached in its hiring of security company, Thompson and Clark. Cameron Preston says claims by the agency that he was trying to intimdate it by sending daily emails demanding action over his case are a smokescreen and if anybody was trying to intimidate, it was Southern Response. He told RNZ Christchurch reporter Conan Young about when he first realised Thompson and Clark had been spying on him.