7 Mar 2018

'Murkiness' in politics causing disillusion - Bryce Edwards

From Morning Report, 8:27 am on 7 March 2018

A promise by the Green Party to make the work diaries of their ministers open to public scrutiny is being welcomed by Victoria University political analyst Bryce Edwards.

Dr Edwards has been critical of political commentators who appear in the media, including on RNZ, without declaring their political affiliations and associations. And he's also worried about lobbyists who also work for ministers.

At the weekend the Greens said they'd start releasing their ministers' diaries so the public could see who ministers have been meeting, and why. Dr Edwards joins Susie Ferguson in the studio to discuss.

* The GJ Thompson mentioned in the above interview is the brother of RNZ's Paul Thompson. Paul Thompson has declared a conflict of interest as editor-in-chief and has not been involved editorially.