21 Feb 2018

Hobson's Pledge action 'disgusting, racist' - Andrew Judd

From Morning Report, 8:38 am on 21 February 2018

A former New Plymouth mayor says the government needs to change the law that allows groups like Hobson's Pledge to challenge plans for Maori council wards. Hobson's Pledge has been organising petitions in five districts that are looking to bring in Maori wards. The group's spokesperson Don Brash says he's confident they will have the numbers ahead of today's deadline to force referendums in at least four of those five districts. A Maori ward can be challenged if five percent of residents who were enrolled at the last local body election petition for a referendum. Andrew Judd was the mayor of New Plymouth when the council's move to introduce a Maori ward was voted down in a landslide in a referendum. He joins us now.