25 Oct 2017

What does new govt mean for immigration?

From Morning Report, 8:21 am on 25 October 2017

The the new government will follow Labour's policies when it comes to immigration, the coalition agreement with NZ First has revealed. The document made public yesterday briefly outlined how the parties together would 'ensure work visas issued reflect genuine skills shortages'. There's also a promise to take 'serious action on migrant exploitation', but didn't mention any specific number cuts, or what visa categories such cuts would come from. Going into the election, Labour promised voters they'd slash immigration numbers by 20-30,000, while NZ First pledged to take it right down to 10,000 from 70,000. Here with us now to talk about what impacts a Labour-led immigration policy will have over NZ is Former Reserve Bank economist Michael Reddell, The New Zealand Initiative's chief economist Eric Crampton, and senior policy analyst from The Policy Observatory at AUT, David Hall.