1 Sep 2017

Who won first round? Josie Pagani, Bill Ralston discuss

From Morning Report, 8:09 am on 1 September 2017

The last five days have featured political intrigue, big spending election pledges, a shock poll result and a closely-fought leaders debate between Bill English and Jacinda Ardern.

With us to discuss all of this are political commentators from the right and left, Bill Ralston and Josie Pagani.

"I thought it was a draw, both were winners, and both to an extent were losers in that neither of them managed to land a killer blow, but it was a good debate," Ralston says. 

"The question of who won it... is not really the issue, because you look at the US election for example - Hillary Clinton clearly won the debates and look how that turned out," Pagani says. 

Guyon Espiner asked Ralston if he'd been helping the National leader prepare for the debates.

"I don't discuss who my clients are," Ralston said.

"That's a yes," Pagani responded.