Exploited Indian students 'turned away' by Immigration New Zealand

From Morning Report, 8:10 am on 9 August 2017

Up to 16 education institutes are under scrutiny by immigration officials as allegations of fraud and corruption linger in the Indian student market.

Alastair McClymont, an immigration law specialist, and Anu Kaloti, from the Migrant Workers Association tell us exploited students have been blowing the whistle, but there's been no follow-up.

"Everybody's known about this for a long time, we all know which schools are involved, we know who the marketing managers are," Mr McClymont told Morning Report.

"I know plenty of people who've been reporting information in vast quantities to Immigration New Zealand for a very long time and nothing has ever happened.

"I have heard through Immigration New Zealand that there's mass under-resourcing of the fraud investigation department... They just don't seem to be putting any resources into it. 

"I just don't think the government really cares about it because it's not really much of an issue for them," Mr McClymont said.

Also on Morning Report we spoke to RNZ education reporter John Gerritsen and Labour's immigration spokesperson Iain Lees-Galloway. Listen to the interviews below.