27 Jun 2017

Labour's intern programme wasn't authorised by party

From Morning Report, 7:48 am on 27 June 2017

The Labour leader says he wasn't aware an internship programme to help with the election campaign had gone ahead as it wasn't authorised by the party

90 people came to New Zealand as part of the Campaign for Change programme, run by former Chief of Staff, Matt McCarten, but some complained about the living conditions at Auckland's Awataha Marae.

Mr McCarten's leaked programme plan including costings show both Unite and First Unions stumping up the cash, but Unite said the money came from a secret backer.

The party's leader, Andrew Little, told Morning Report he had been left in the dark.

"This isn't something that has been sanctioned or approved or authorised in any way by the party organisation.

"I think what we all discovered last week when the party got the complaints, [and] the rest of us got involved trying to sort it out, is there's a whole heap of details we're just trying to work out," Mr Little said.