26 May 2017

Top Stories for Friday 26 May 2017

From Morning Report, 6:00 am on 26 May 2017

From Manchester, Senior BBC Radio reporter Kate Squire says UK police force are absolutely furious about the leak which has compromised the on-going investigation into the concert bombing. "This is an incredibly tricky business. To where we got today, very few companies - or even countries - get that far on their first flight." The first sparks have flown between the America's Cup defender Oracle, and the challenger Team New Zealand with a suggestion of a rift in the Kiwi ranks. We cross to our America's Cup reporter Todd Niall in Bermuda. The government's tax cuts are unfair, irresponsible and poorly target according to Labour's finance spokesman Grant Robertson who doesn't think the budget goes far enough to help those most in need. Political editor Jane Patterson says the budget is a raid on Labour's territory and they'll be thinking hard about what they can offer up in response. Meanwhile, Patrick O'Meara expects the budget to stimulate the economy. Budget 2017 leaves Auckland Mayor Phil Goff wondering where the spending has gone and why the Government hasn't focused more on boosting Auckland construction or improving infrastructure. We get his reaction to yesterday's budget. Doctors say the cost of seeing a family doctor may rise because of a lack of government action over funding problems in primary care. Early childhood educators say the budget is unacceptable and doesn't cater for a growing number of enrolments.