10 May 2017

Is Labour running in to trouble with Maori voters?

From Morning Report, 8:19 am on 10 May 2017

Is Labour fumbling the political football when it comes to Maori voters?

What do our commentators Hirini Kaa and Scott Campbell make of the charter school debate?

Hirini Kaa says Labour faces a challenge of looking for votes versus sticking to their principals of social justice.

"The policy started ideologically and the opposition seems to be ideological too now but children are getting lost in the middle."

Scott Campbell says it goes back to the Labour Party thinking it knows best.

"You've got these Labour MPs and people in the Maori communities who are coming up with ideas only to be shot down. If the strategy is to confuse the Maori vote about what Labour stands for and they don't stand for, then they're doing a great job of it."