8 Feb 2017

Brave woman intervenes in Whakatane shooting

From Morning Report, 7:11 am on 8 February 2017

A woman's being praised for her bravery in intervening in an armed robbery in a busy Whakatane berry farm and cafe.


none Photo: Julian's Berry Farm and Cafe

Just before half-past-one yesterday afternoon a man tried to hold up staff at Julian's Berry Farm and Cafe.

He pointed a shotgun at the staff and demanded money from the till.

But he was confronted by a woman waiting to buy an ice cream.

The man fired a shot, injuring the customer and one other woman.

He fled and police are still looking for him.

The Armed Offenders Squad is still looking for the gunman and police want to hear from anyone who saw the incident

The owners of the berry farm, Paul and Monica Julian, weren't in the cafe at the time but Paul Julian say they're very grateful to the woman for trying to help their staff.